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Halo 5: Guardians – When Worlds Collide

Halo has made quite the ripple at this year’s Comic Con, SDCC 2014. The teaser trailer was revealed earlier today with much acclaim and many questions. An arising conflict is building between the UNSC and ONI, and Agent Clarke seems to be smack in the middle of it. Check out the teaser below!

Halo: Nightfall is only the beginning of what we have learned about the future of the series however. Dark Horse comics revealed the next Halo: Escalation comic book series, and with it Halo Escalation: Issue #9.


Halo Escalation: Issue #9 seems to explain the premise of Halo 5, and it also reveals that the Didact has in fact survived the end of Halo 4. Check out HaloFollower‘s amazing breakdown of the comic below.

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Halo 5: Guardians – Who is Agent Locke? (New Details Emerge)

As 343 Industries and Microsoft announced Halo 5: Guardians, a common question began to circle around gamers and Halo fans alike, “Who is Agent Locke?”. It immediately become relevant that Locke is going to play a major role in Halo 5, as well as in Halo: NightFall, the upcoming digital feature coming out alongside Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Although more questions have been answered, many more have sprung up about the mysterious Spartan. Let’s break down what we know about Agent Locke, and how that affects what we know about Halo 5: Guardians.

Agent Jameson Locke, Lt. Commander

HTMCC_TT_3In a still shot of the most recent Halo: The Master Chief Collection trailer, shown above, you can see an ONI debriefing transmission where Agent Locke is trying to gather information on Thel ‘Vadamee (also known as the Arbiter). At the bottom right, you can see that Locke’s full name is Jameson Lock, and that he holds the very prestigious rank of Lieutenant Commander. You can also see the ONI symbol in the background, confirming Locke’s affiliation with the Office of Naval Intelligence. It had already been assumed that Locke was with ONI, due to the logo found emblazoned on his breastplate.


This November, Halo: Nightfall will be released alongside the Master Chief Collection; Nightfall is a digital feature that will shed light on the the back story of Agent Locke. The casting has already been completed for Nightfall, and Agent Locke will be played by actor Mike Colter, so it seems more or less confirmed that Agent Locke is coming from African descent.

Agent Locke’s Role in Halo 5

What role does Locke play in Halo 5: Guardians? We know he is a primary character, but not much else has really been officially released regarding the story of Halo 5 and Locke’s emphasis in the upcoming blockbuster. Both Halo: Nightfall and Halo: The Broken Circle are going to further explain the story of Locke, but let’s go over some interesting clues that have already been laid in front of us,  some that could explain the premise of Halo 5.


After watching both Halo: The Master Chief Collection trailers, one thing immediately stands out. Agent Locke has an extreme interest in Master Chief, and even goes to The Arbiter to learn more on the almighty spartan. It seems that Locke is not only interested in Master Chief, but Locke is actually looking for Chief. I speculate that Halo 5 starts out with the player assuming control of Agent Locke, and gives players the primary objective of finding Chief. Maybe he went rogue after his last tussle with the UNSC; maybe he is on a personal journey to revive Cortana; None of that is very clear, but it seems clear that Locke is looking for Chief, so there’s a good chance players will start out playing as Agent Locke, as opposed to the latter. What are your thoughts? Let us know if you have any thoughts, ideas or additional information on Locke in the comments section below!

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