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Titanfall: Respawn Introduces the Black Market

The Black Market  (Insert from

The Frontier may be rich in resources, but it’s also rich with conflict. As a Pilot, you want to be prepared for anything, and sometimes, standard issue just isn’t enough to get the job done. Sometimes, you need to look elsewhere for an edge. Welcome to the seedy underbelly of the Frontier, Pilot – The Black Market.

The Black Market collects and sells the Frontier’s most sordid items like packs of random Burn Cards and Titan Insignias. Don’t ask where we got them. You don’t want to know.


Respawn announced today that players will be able to purchase burn cards and titan insignias with in-game currency (credits) at the Black Market, a new store that will be added via an update sometime soon. Credits can be earned from match victories, match completions, a player’s first victory of the day, completing daily challenges, and by selling burn cards. Additionally, once a player reaches level 50, part of their experienced earned will be converted to credits, a great feature for 10th Gen players!

Game Designer, David Shaver, went on to assure players that the Black Market is not in any way an attempt to announce microtransactions. The Black Market is actually a very unique way to not only add more reward to Titanfall, but it also engages a spark of story to the booming FPS. The Black Market was previously mentioned in the description of the map, Smuggler’s Cove, so it’s great to see Respawn build on that. For more on Titanfall and Xbox One, we’ve got you covered at DS90’s!

– Caleb Stiles

New Titanfall Game Modes Revealed in Update 4 Patch Script

Titanfall’s Update 4 on Xbox One recently rolled out, introducing many new features, and a new limited time game mode, Marked for Death. We also learned at E3 2014 that the next limited time game mode will be a variant to Last Titan Standing called Wingman. Wingman is basically 2v2 Last Titan Standing, and is meant to stress teamwork  and skill to a deeper level. Gamingfall user, DeanObi, has revealed after inspecting the patch script of update 4, a full list of upcoming limited time game modes, and there are some true surprises in this list.


Wingman Last Titan Standing -Last team with Titans standing wins.

Titan Tag – No description.

Capture the Titan – Capture the Titan and bring it to your base.

Bodyguard (TITAN_ESCORT) – No description.

Big Brother – Attack and defend the control panel.

These game modes seem like an awesome way to change up the game and keep things fresh, so I can’t wait to see more on this leak. We will keep you updated as we hear more. Hit that follow button and keep it right here at DS90’s for everything Titanfall!

– Caleb Stiles

New Achievements Headed to Titanfall Exclusively on Xbox One

Update Four has finally been detailed for Titanfall, and big changes are incoming, from Titan voices to new game modes and achievements. Two new limited time game modes, Marked for Death and Wingman, will be added. Marked for Death, a rather self explanatory mode, marks one pilot from each team, and if they are killed, the killer’s team gets a point. After a “marked” pilot has been killed, two new targets are randomly selected, and the game continues until 10 points have been awarded to a team (or the leading team wins by time expiration). My staff and I had the opportunity to play Marked for Death at E3 2014, and it is a very fresh and engaging mode, with very tense and fun situations  arising while being “marked”. Moving on, insignias, voice overs and 14 new Titan burn cards will also be added.


A whole bunch of balancing and general maintenance updates will also be rolling out, like better auto-titan AI, burn card overflow protection, new menu art and a nifty challenge tracker! Lastly, Xbox One players will be receiving an achievement update, adding achievements built around the previously released Expedition DLC. No release date has been given for the update, but we will keep you in the know!

– Caleb Stiles

Wall Street Journal Claims Titanfall 2 Is Coming to PS4

Wall Street Journal, an obviously credible source, claims to have some insider information on Titanfall 2. Here’s the snippet:

         Microsoft has benefited from the Xbox-exclusive shooting game     “Titanfall” from Electronic Arts Inc., which was the best-selling title of March and April in the U.S. But its follow-up game, which is in the planning stages, also will be available for the PS4, a person close to the development effort said.

BppKO2sCcAA2OBpSeveral other sources, along with Wall Street, reached out to EA for official comment, but EA refused to say anything. So while this news is far from confirmed, I’m betting Wall Street’s inside sources are some of the more credible ones out there. Take everything with a fair grain of salt however, as it is only a matter of time before E3 2014 gives us all the answers! Head to our E3 2014 page to get live twitter updates of each conference, and LIVE show floor coverage in the coming days at the E3 Expo!

– Caleb Stiles

Titanfall Expedition DLC: Wall-Running Trees and Custom Titans


Respawn revealed the first batch of DLC for Titanfall Pax East, and included a few details as well as the release window of May. The three maps included are Swampland, Runoff, and War Games. Swampland, promo’d above, features giant lumbering trees that will provide unpredictable and swift wall-running routes. Runoff will feature some sort of water and pipes system, and ties into Swampland, according to developers. Lastly is the Titan training ground, War Games. The three maps take place after the events of the Titanfall campaign, so I expect to see these maps appear in the multiplayer and campaign lobbies. Additionally, Respawn went on to explain that decal customization will be a new feature for Titans, and that players will now be able to clan up with each other using “identical hashtags. Here is the statement below.

“It’s supposed to span beyond just gaming sites,” Respawn said at its PAX East panel. “You don’t have to trade gamertags and make parties and be online at the same time. It’s not a way to boost. It’s a way to coordinate so you can choose your teammates.”

Oh and don’t worry, this DLC holds much more validity than IGN’s april fools DLC announcement, Optimus Prime. For everything Titanfall and Expedition DLC, keep your browsers and phones on follow mode!

– Caleb Stiles


Xbox One Upload: Satchel Charged (Titanfall)

Titanfall Poster - IMC Pilot

Welcome to this week’s Xbox One Upload! This week Titanfall makes its return, and I show off my best Satchel Charge (Ordnance) kills. I start in strong by turning on a dime, and drop an unsuspected satchel charge on a pilot close on my heels as I bolt for the Flag Capture, making the capture with a lucky jump-kick and a little bit of luck. Next, I cause some mayhem, with a double pilot kill, and 3+ militia kills. Then I take to the skies, raining down a well thrown satchel charge while ejecting out of my titan. For the last two clips I manage to doom two Titans with Satchel Charges, one of which follows a triple kill. Check out the video below!

Thanks for watching and I hope you’ve enjoyed. Have your own awesome clips? Send them in to to be featured! For everything Titanfall, we’ve got you covered a Dope Since the 90’s!

– Caleb Stiles