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Gargoyle’s Quest


-Rushifell (Gargoyle’s Quest)

I know what you’re thinkin’, Gamerillas; who could possibly care about an original Gameboy spin off based around an annoying enemy in an arcade game? Well, while the Ghosts ‘n Goblins Franchise hasn’t always been a front-runner, it’s always held a special place in my heart. From the obsession with getting the main character down to his undies (see below: Arthur from Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Maximo from his namesake series) to the stupidly difficult bosses that would worm their way into your heart and plant seeds of hate that drove some of us to the darkened halls of Gameshark (ok, maybe it wasn’t that hard, but I always had trouble with the game).


What you get when you feed a regular stick after midnight.

Gargoyle’s Quest, available now in the Nintendo 3DS eShop, is a side-scrolling platformer RPG, what a mouthful. GQ takes some of the mechanics from G’nG for its side-scrolling bits (huge giant bits that make up most of the game) while adding an explorable overworld (an overworld in the underworld???) where you can enjoy being assaulted by ghosts that look like guys wearing bed sheets (and sometimes pterodactyls or fat guys that throw their heads at you). These tiny encounters help to break up the slightly boring treks from town to dungeon to town. There’s not really an EXP system or a gear system, but our gargoyle friend receives several upgrades to his fire breath projectile while on his journey. At first each breath seems to be a direct upgrade, but each upgrade ends up having a special use in overcoming a puzzle. The full use of all these powers isn’t totally realized until the final dungeon.


Firebrand got some plastic surgery to remove his cartoon gland in later years.

The story follows a gargoyle fella named Firebrand, maybe you recognize his name from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3? You may also be confused about his nickname, “Red Blaze”, because he’s GREEN on the cover! Yeah, turns out the cover just isn’t cannon, like the original Megaman cover where Rock looks like he’s the cybernetic love child of those creepy Precious Moments figures and a Keebler elf. Suppose that’s a bit off subject. Anyway, Firebrand is the descendant of the original Red Blaze, whose holy (unholy?) flame sealed away the King of Destruction and saved the Ghoul and Human worlds from TOTAL destruction. I know that doesn’t make sense at first; but if you think it out, it makes perfect sense. The big Bowsers from the other G’nG games seem to want to take over the human world, probably for food or the oil rights, but this King of Destruction and his Destroyers are more like a cult that just wants everything everywhere to end forever. All in all, not guys you want at a BBQ.

Gargoyle's Quest - Ghosts'n Goblins (UE) [!]6_resize

Not the King of Destruction, just a horrible giant fish demon. He's got a name, but it's not really important.

Yes, totally! It’s fun and cute, but certain parts can be really annoying (enemies coming out of Nowhere, Egypt, etc.). Thankfully, the 3DS Virtual Console save state feature makes those bits totally playable.



Thanks, Gamerillas!
Chazen Smith

Halo 2 Anniversary Edition for Xbox One: Why it’s a Good Idea

Halo 2: AE Xbox One

I assumed it to be a safe bet to start my blogging journey with none other than the Chief himself, especially with his name so hot off the news press this morning!

It seems that Master Chief (no official confirmation)¬†will start his Xbox One Journey with a re-defined back step into history, bringing us back to the days of Halo 2. If you’ve been up with the news this morning then you know that allegedly a Microsoft Insider revealed some release dates for some upcoming Xbox One titles, and of that list, most importantly was a Nov. 11th, 2014 release date of Halo 2 Anniversary Edition, along with some other great details. Naturally this got my blood running and while there is no Microsoft confirmation validating this announcement I’d like to discuss why it’s such a great idea for Microsoft, and what it means for Halo and Xbox One alike.

Let’s start with the core of what this experience would be. Halo 2 was such an imaginative and immersive story for its time, and it really initiated what the Halo Universe has come to be today. So many key characters in the Halo Universe made their debut in Halo 2, most notably being the Arbiter. Arbiter gameplay, Covenant Bomb, and SMG are all key terms that ignite the nostalgia in your brain, and getting to re-experience that in beautiful next-gen quality is an opportunity I can only hope to have.

But what is it that really makes this an invaluable opportunity for Microsoft? Multiplayer. There, I said it. Halo 5 is still yet a glimpse on the horizon meaning the Xbox One has nothing to offer for Halo Multiplayer for at least another fiscal year… then enters Halo 2 to remedy that. Halo 2: AE is the perfect time to bring Halo 4 multiplayer to the Xbox One, and with it would inevitably bring an Anniversary Playlist featuring our favorite Halo 2 maps remade for Halo 4 Multiplayer!

Not only would the fiscal launch year for Xbox One reap benefits from this, but this could even mean great(er) things for Halo 5. Giving the Halo Community Halo 2: AE would feed our growling appetites giving the slack 343 Industries needs to patiently put together a masterpiece of the next Halo Installment. 343 would feel less of a pull from the community to push Halo 5 out so quickly, giving them the time they need to develop the next generation Halo game it really needs to be.

As an avid supporter of the Halo franchise you can see where my opinions and passions lie, but now I’d like to see where you all stand! Let me know what you thought about my first blog or what you think about the Future of Xbox and Halo, I’m excited to see the responses!

-Caleb Stiles