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Games with Gold for Xbox One: September 2014

This month Xbox One’s Free Games With Gold goes retro with Super Time Force, and gives players another month-long chance to download Crimson Dragon. For more on Crimson Dragon, check out our review here. Super Time Force is a retro 2D side scroller that features time distortion, robots and zombies, check out the trailer below!

Super Time Force will be FREE to download throughout the month of September on Xbox One, so download your copy while you still have the chance! For more on Xbox One, keep it locked at DS90’s!

– Caleb Stiles

343 Reveals Zanzibar Remake During SDCC 2014 Halo Panel

The Halo panel revealed a handful of things about the upcoming Halo: The Master Chief collection this last Friday at Comic Con, including the Anniversary Edition remake of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is the third announced Halo 2 map of six that are getting the anniversary treatment, and it looks amazing! Check out the gallery below to see the new and improved Zanzibar, and hit that follow button to stay up to date on everything Halo!

– Caleb Stiles

Halo 5: Guardians – When Worlds Collide

Halo has made quite the ripple at this year’s Comic Con, SDCC 2014. The teaser trailer was revealed earlier today with much acclaim and many questions. An arising conflict is building between the UNSC and ONI, and Agent Clarke seems to be smack in the middle of it. Check out the teaser below!

Halo: Nightfall is only the beginning of what we have learned about the future of the series however. Dark Horse comics revealed the next Halo: Escalation comic book series, and with it Halo Escalation: Issue #9.


Halo Escalation: Issue #9 seems to explain the premise of Halo 5, and it also reveals that the Didact has in fact survived the end of Halo 4. Check out HaloFollower‘s amazing breakdown of the comic below.

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Titanfall: Respawn Introduces the Black Market

The Black Market  (Insert from

The Frontier may be rich in resources, but it’s also rich with conflict. As a Pilot, you want to be prepared for anything, and sometimes, standard issue just isn’t enough to get the job done. Sometimes, you need to look elsewhere for an edge. Welcome to the seedy underbelly of the Frontier, Pilot – The Black Market.

The Black Market collects and sells the Frontier’s most sordid items like packs of random Burn Cards and Titan Insignias. Don’t ask where we got them. You don’t want to know.


Respawn announced today that players will be able to purchase burn cards and titan insignias with in-game currency (credits) at the Black Market, a new store that will be added via an update sometime soon. Credits can be earned from match victories, match completions, a player’s first victory of the day, completing daily challenges, and by selling burn cards. Additionally, once a player reaches level 50, part of their experienced earned will be converted to credits, a great feature for 10th Gen players!

Game Designer, David Shaver, went on to assure players that the Black Market is not in any way an attempt to announce microtransactions. The Black Market is actually a very unique way to not only add more reward to Titanfall, but it also engages a spark of story to the booming FPS. The Black Market was previously mentioned in the description of the map, Smuggler’s Cove, so it’s great to see Respawn build on that. For more on Titanfall and Xbox One, we’ve got you covered at DS90’s!

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Check Out this Halo: The Master Chief Collection Xbox One (SDCC 2014)

Microsoft is partnering with several companies and game studios to bring 21 limited edition Xbox One Consoles to San Diego Comic Con 2014. 20 of these consoles will be winnable by attendees of SDCC 2014, but one of them will be given away via Twitter. For rules and limitations, head here. Check out the gallery below to see every awesome Xbox One headed to SDCC 2014!

For more on Halo, Xbox One and SDCC 2014, keep it right here at DS90’s!

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Dig Site, Haven and Export headed to Titanfall

Last Week Developer Respawn Entertainment revealed the next DLC pack for the biggest current gen FPS, Titanfall. The Frontier’s Edge DLC consists of three maps; Haven – an open beach resort, Dig Site – an isolated mining post, and Export – a mountain-side mining hub. Titanfall has been constantly updated since its strong release, and is only getting better. Haven’t picked up Titanfall yet? Check out our review to see what we think about the game.

No release date has been given yet, but we will update when more information follows. For everything Titanfall and Xbox One, keep it on follow mode at DS90’s!

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Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect – SDCC Panel 2014

San Diego’s Comic Con 2014 is just around the corner, and many panels have been earning their confirmation over the last couple of weeks. BioWare has announced their Mass Effect 4 Panel, Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect. BioWare’s panel is going to discuss the making of this next Mass Effect, and hopefully give us plenty of new information on the next installment of this blockbuster franchise.

Still Shot from EA Press Conference: E3 2014 (Mass Effect)

Other than the original reveal, N7 Day concept art, and the short teaser from EA’s E3 2014 Press Conference, not much has been revealed about Mass Effect 4, but some details have been confirmed. We know that Commander Shepard will not be the star or primary role and that the game is going to share many “core features” of Dragon Age Inquisition. This most likely refers to “under-the-hood” development that won’t reflect the game’s combat, HUD, dialogue, etc. Lastly, the developers have stated that ME4 is going to take place in whole new area of Space, so it would be great to learn more on that.

Mass Effect at E3 2014 (EA)
Still Shot from EA Press Conference: E3 2014 (Mass Effect)

The panel is going to consist of the community manager, the senior artist, two producers, and the game’s lead animator. SDCC 2014 runs July 24-27, so in just a few more weeks we should a lot more about the next Mass Effect. We will follow up on this article at that time, so enjoy the Con and check back often for everything Mass Effect, right here at DS90’s!

– Caleb Stiles