How the Prestige System Works in Titanfall: Regenerate


Transcripts pulled from the Titanfall Beta have revealed the prestige system for the game, but instead of prestige per say, players will go through a process called Regenerate, after achieving a max level of 50. The image above suggests ten ranks of Regenerate. The theme behind regenerating is that after achieving max level, your combat memory is wiped, and you start anew, with a higher rank and set of skills. The perks and details of the Regenerate system are detailed below, from the transcript pulled from the Titanfall Beta”

 Warning! You will lose all that you have unlocked and be reset to level 1. All challenges will be reset.

Years of battle have taken their toll. We can regenerate you… at a cost.
Your body can be restored. But your memory and your experience…all will be lost.
When you awaken you will respawn a [next level] generation Pilot.
You will be better, sharper, acquiring experience even faster than before.

Are you sure?
I’m sure

Are you really sure?
Yes positive!

Would you like to go to the next gen?
Take me to next gen!

What do you think of the Regenerate system? Will it keep you playing for hours upon hours? Leave your comments below and hit that follow button if you enjoyed!

– Caleb Stiles

Tales from the Borderlands: Impressions

Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands has caught my attention from the day it was announced, and with the SXSW panel right around the corner, more information will soon be revealed. Very little is known about Telltale and Gearbox’s episodic series thus far, but I’d like to speculate what this could mean for the future of Borderlands from a main story perspective.

I’d like to see your actions, decisions, and progression play a direct role into the 3rd Borderlands title. What we seem to know so far is that Tales falls behind Borderlands 2, chronologically. While Handsome Jack is only a hologram in the launch trailer, he and Marcus both have a much younger physique. In this trailer, Marcus attempts to veer away the young treasure hunters, because they are not even Vault Hunters.

This leaves me with the impression that TellTale’s episodic series is going to tell the story of these two making it through hardship, turmoil and struggle, as they rise to the challenge they’ve approached Marcus with, earning their status as Vault Hunters.

Telltale is notorious for their storytelling, so some very tough decisions are going to be expected to be made on Pandora. What better way to give meaning and depth to those decisions, than have them affect your progression and role as a Vault Hunter in the next mainline Borderlands!? This could affect anything from skill trees, to character design, to even having different supporting protagonists in the game.


This is of course all speculation, but I’m very excited to see what we learn from the SXSW panel in the beginning of March. What do you want to see in Tales from the Borderlands? Do you think it will play into the potential Borderlands 3? Leave your comments below, and click that follow button if you’ve enjoyed the article!

– Caleb Stiles

Xbox One Upload of the Week: Ryse of Titanfall

Welcome to DopeSinceThe90’s Upload of the Week, where I show off my skills on Xbox One, or lack thereof! This week Titanfall Beta and Ryse: Son of Rome are the featured games, and I’ve put together a couple of multi-clips, so check it out.

Starting with Titanfall, I focused this multi-clip on Titan gameplay, from punching pilots into IMC jerky, to brain scrambling opposing Titans from a distanced ejection (That’s NOT what she said).

TitanFall Beta Montage

Finishing up with Ryse: Son of Rome, I’ve clipped together my favorite executions, and added my favorite scene from the epic story. If you’ve passed up on this game, hopefully this upload changes your mind!

Ryse: You Are Next!

That wraps it up today viewers, what games do you want to see next week? Leave your comments below with your suggestions for next week’s uploads, and they could be featured!

– Caleb Stiles

Review: Grinding My Fingers Off In OlliOlli (Vita)


At first glance OlliOlli seems to be a shallow 8-bit pick up-put down skater for the Vita. Once I got into the game, mastered the art of combo chains, grinds and perfect landings, I realized how immersive this addicting title could be. As I progressed through the career, I felt obligated to complete each challenge in each level, and had an absolute blast seeing what challenges would be next, and how I would master the courses. This produced a high replay value, as well as a growing sense of accomplishment. let’s break it down in today’s review!


OlliOlli has a great mechanics system, and it really brings fluidity to your runs and combos. Using the left joystick to flick in quarter, half and three-quarter rotations to launch your tricks, you combine these with grinds and spin modifiers to really amp up your score. Grinding is just as simple as pulling tricks; when you get close to the rail, flick the joystick in a direction and you will perform a grind. Ending your combo efficiently is the most important aspect of OlliOlli and can make or break a combo. This gives a great sense of nervousness when chaining your combos, and is part of what really sets apart OlliOlli from passive to addictive.



OlliOlli has a nostalgic 8-bit palette, and while nothing impressive visually, it does a fairly good job setting the tone for the game. The different areas are very well designed, and give you an appreciated sense of location. Occasionally, I found myself struggling to differentiate the floor from a low-lying rail, especially in the last location, Neon City. Audibly, OlliOlli has a good soundtrack, but where it really impressed me is the sound effects. Grinding, landing, jumping and bailing all have very distinctive and clear sounds in OlliOlli, this is quite refreshing and adds to the intensity of those long combos!


This 2D retro skater breathes fresh life into the Vita, presents itself clearly, produces a high sense of re-playability and provides a well appreciated intensity, coming together for a great game, while only occasionally suffering from non-distinctive graphic design.

Score 8.25

– Caleb Stiles





Halo 2 Anniversary Edition for Xbox One: Why it’s a Good Idea

Halo 2: AE Xbox One

I assumed it to be a safe bet to start my blogging journey with none other than the Chief himself, especially with his name so hot off the news press this morning!

It seems that Master Chief (no official confirmation) will start his Xbox One Journey with a re-defined back step into history, bringing us back to the days of Halo 2. If you’ve been up with the news this morning then you know that allegedly a Microsoft Insider revealed some release dates for some upcoming Xbox One titles, and of that list, most importantly was a Nov. 11th, 2014 release date of Halo 2 Anniversary Edition, along with some other great details. Naturally this got my blood running and while there is no Microsoft confirmation validating this announcement I’d like to discuss why it’s such a great idea for Microsoft, and what it means for Halo and Xbox One alike.

Let’s start with the core of what this experience would be. Halo 2 was such an imaginative and immersive story for its time, and it really initiated what the Halo Universe has come to be today. So many key characters in the Halo Universe made their debut in Halo 2, most notably being the Arbiter. Arbiter gameplay, Covenant Bomb, and SMG are all key terms that ignite the nostalgia in your brain, and getting to re-experience that in beautiful next-gen quality is an opportunity I can only hope to have.

But what is it that really makes this an invaluable opportunity for Microsoft? Multiplayer. There, I said it. Halo 5 is still yet a glimpse on the horizon meaning the Xbox One has nothing to offer for Halo Multiplayer for at least another fiscal year… then enters Halo 2 to remedy that. Halo 2: AE is the perfect time to bring Halo 4 multiplayer to the Xbox One, and with it would inevitably bring an Anniversary Playlist featuring our favorite Halo 2 maps remade for Halo 4 Multiplayer!

Not only would the fiscal launch year for Xbox One reap benefits from this, but this could even mean great(er) things for Halo 5. Giving the Halo Community Halo 2: AE would feed our growling appetites giving the slack 343 Industries needs to patiently put together a masterpiece of the next Halo Installment. 343 would feel less of a pull from the community to push Halo 5 out so quickly, giving them the time they need to develop the next generation Halo game it really needs to be.

As an avid supporter of the Halo franchise you can see where my opinions and passions lie, but now I’d like to see where you all stand! Let me know what you thought about my first blog or what you think about the Future of Xbox and Halo, I’m excited to see the responses!

-Caleb Stiles

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