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Battlefront Inspires Nostalgia, Hope, and Just a Bit of Fear

When the name Star Wars: Battlefront is mentioned, a wave of childhood dreams slowly follow. From being able to fly an X-Wing around Cloud City, to piloting an AT-AT in the Battle of Hoth, from playing as the wise Jedi Yoda, to crushing the Rebellion with Darth Vader; you were able to become one with the Star Wars universe and turn the tides of the battles that we all grew up watching on the big screen.

Both Battlefront games have left a legacy that have placed them as two of the greatest Star Wars games of all time, but could that legacy be lived up to in Battlefront 3? Not much is known about the third installment of the Battlefront series, not even a release date. The DICE design team have been hard at work taking visits to the Skywalker Ranch and to many of the filming locations that were seen in the movies. The only content that we have seen is a teaser trailer from DICE that illudes to that battle of Hoth. The dev team did make a trip to the filming location for the Battle of Endor for their research of the game. Other than these two bits of information we are unsure of what other content will be in the game.


It is unsure when the game is planned to be released, or if it will have new content from the new movie. Both games that were released had content from nearly all of the movies in the Star Wars saga. If content from the new movie will be in the game then it is more than likely that the release will be in 2016.

Whatever the date of the release will be, it is certain that the diehard Star Wars fans, young and old, will want to purchase the game. For those fans that have played the two previous games it will be one more installment of a great trilogy of games as memorable as the original trilogy that started it all.

-Tanner Hall